Everyone has their own circle of school of thoughts.. some might contradict.. some might be like minded.. For I have my own notions of living and improving oneself and looking at the world with new perspective, this is the place I am willing to open up my thoughts and ideologies on self awareness, improvement, my worldview and my updates. Most importantly I love to keep it minimal.

Personality Development

If you have ever wondered to sort out your thoughts and advance it to your actions for improving yourself, this page will be of your interest. Analysing oneself and bringing developments make our lives progressive. I strongly believe in exercising this. This is a parallel journey of keeping a track of our skill sets too.

Skill sets

Our ability and capability in our daily and professional life massively relies on our skill sets. Stay on for my perspective on skill sets which will gravitate you to grow. Growth is certainly meant for you, me and everyone as a person as well as professionally. I do brush up my technical, artistic and humanly skill sets. My posts in this page will show you my progress. Hope that inspires you or helps you somehow.

Learn more

We are all learners. Let’s always explore more. I keep exploring to learn and share. REPEAT. This is my mantra.



– Jenita

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