Next to my first work on habituation, I am writing about the second one today.

I take my phone for some reason like making a call, texting a friend, convey or discuss about work or to click a picture. After the purpose of taking my phone on hand is done, I must put my phone down. At the times I don’t leave my phone immediately, my brain or my hand becomes a weirdo. It simply makes me open or close or switch between apps for no reason. Once I give in to that, I am wasting time if it’s Instagram, YouTube or Netflix. I am questioning myself if it’s Mail, WhatsApp, WordPress or Pictures. I have no idea when I developed this habit. I observed it only a couple of weeks ago. I feel horrible to the core to learn that I haven’t been entirely in control of using my own phone. I was disappointed to the level that it took days to focus on reviving. Now I am super conscious in keeping my phone away as soon as the purpose is served.

3 responses to “HABITUATION RED FLAGS #2”

  1. It’s so hard to keep your phone down once the purpose for which you picked it up has been achieved.
    Before you know it you are just shuffling between apps for no reason. My only way to get away from this is the fact that I use my phone for music, novels and school work.
    In order to avoid checking distracting apps I turn off the internet connection and can then get other work done without being distracted.

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    1. Ya too difficult to put it down.. in addition internet & the notifications are super distracting..

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      1. True… Internet and notifications

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