The means of separation between the outside world and the inside private space is the skeleton of our private space, called the building facade. Building facades separate us, yet, it connects us with visionary senses if not for physical separation. Even though the facade skeleton covers up, it is provided with openings for admitting light or ventilation or both depending on the requirements.

My window primarily serves my lighting purpose. Nature’s light punctures my room through the window, lighting it brighter. I enjoy this daylight highly.

What’s remarkable about all this is what my eyes get to see through this window opening and the contemplating thoughts in my mind beyond what I see. I will show you the exact view of what I see.

Take a while, look at it and think for yourself, what could be your thoughts on viewing it.

An outside view should remind us of the busy world outside. I mean this should be a means of connecting the person to the world outside when one is stuck in between walls or lost in thoughts. But what do I get to see…

another building’s facade

A window view should be the one to give us energy and make us feel better when we are low. This is depressing. Yet, I am fascinated sometimes. Weird right? Those rigid vertical lines remind me to keep my head high and steady.

Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder.

But what’s more true is the perception, the mental picture we picture more than the eyes.

Stay tuned fellas for more on perception and its influence on architecture fundamentals. In the meantime, keep me posted on your thoughts on your window view. What do you see???

4 responses to “WHAT MY EYES SEE or I SEE”

  1. Windows give me the creeps for an unknown reason, I try to avoid them wherever I can.


    1. Thats terrible.
      There are good ones too. I wish you could have the opportunity to witness those pleasing ones.


  2. I feel relaxed when I look out into any of the windows of my house.I can see birds and the sky

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww.. you must be blessed to have such a delightful view of nature.. not many people gets to see that..


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