Water is a magic liquid I would call. Free flowing.. transparent with depths… quenches thirst.. also drowning.. Water has unimaginable qualities and abilities. I am gonna point out just one thing. Water is crystal clear and fresh when it keeps flowing. I mean streams and river waters, the flowing water.

FYI – Dawki/Umngot river in Meghalaya, tops the cleanest river in India in both 2021 and 2022.

Generally, flowing waters are of drinking quality (unless and until we humans pollute them). What happens when the water doesn’t flow? How does it just become non-drinkable? The water that doesn’t flow becomes stagnant.

Stagnant water becomes a breeding place for algae, bacteria and other pathogens. That’s how dangerous stagnant water can turn.

Similarly, I find an idle or inactive mind as stagnant water. A lively, energetic, dynamic mind will never stagnate. It’s not a preaching. It is something I always try to exercise with my mind. The results are obviously on a positive note – increasing my productivity, vision and focusing on improvement and development.

I am positive your active mind can also do wonders for you on a constructive basis. Well, if you don’t mind, in the comments you could share with me what you always exercise for betterment. May it benefit me and others too…

14 responses to “SWIFT WATER MIND”

  1. I’m always on WordPress, majorly reading everyday ♥️

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    1. Oh definitely that helps in some learning, improving vocabulary and getting to know different things. I am a also a new blogger here pretty much doing the same.


  2. You replied to this comment.

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  3. Good one , mam

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    1. Thank you Nandha Kumar


  4. Poured Positivity. Nice one mam

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  5. Nice one…

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  6. Good one to explain the say ,’idle mind is devil’s workshop’. Keep flowing gentle with a precised target. Good luck..

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    1. Thank you sir.. I am almost conscious of my pace and focus always.. sure.. hoping to keep it up..


  7. Very informative mam.

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