Institutional education is prioritized and glorified to the millennials and present generations compared to the earlier generations. Education system, learning experience and gaining knowledge and skills are completely different across nations. Yet, life lessons are questionable everywhere.

In olden days, more time was spent with the people at home and neighbors or relatives. In recent years, more time is spent on educating either in physical or online mode positively. If not, time is wasted on digital gadgets. This is influencing the way we learn, the way we experience life, the way our brains are trained to think, understand and live in the world with fellow humans. It’s crucial to have the learning experience and what we learn for our survival with other people.

This skill is being tested and failing in many people’s lives. Apart from a school or work environment, most people are living a detached lifestyle for real. People’s dependency is on gadgets more than other people. Rather than having a conversation to clear a doubt or discuss a topic, we choose to question google search engine or chat gpt. What kind of interaction or information we get from these? It’s one sided. Most of the times we don’t get to know exactly what we want or we end up wasting time even after finding an answer. Anyhow, it can’t provide us what a human interaction could’ve meant to our brain.

I don’t mean that we never interact with other people or discuss about something. We do. But the more is with gadgets like, sharing, commenting than real time interaction.

This has more cons than pros.

Overstimulation leading to procrastinate the main task as studying, working and prioritizing the unwanted lame time wasting things.

Research with a has shown that attention span was higher before the exposure to short video contents. Watching multiple episodes of different contents in a very short span causes reduced attention span.

That leading to easy distraction from what has to be done and making it difficult to do tasks that takes a long time to complete.

Some even requires an interesting visual irrespective of relevance to the audio content they listen.

This list could go on with the negative impact on our physical and mental wellbeing.

Whereas living a life with real people with direct communication, learning virtues from people will strongly influence one’s behavior, skills and life in general. We have drifted so much from that way of learning and living. The least we could do from now on is to be aware of our habits, surroundings and people in it in order to see, know, feel, understand and appreciate the life for survival.

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