Speaking of the issues with mobile dependency, recently I have realised a huge red flag.

Whenever I write or type something, even though the spelling or context is absolutely correct, I have this tendency to still check on the internet if it’s correct. Mostly, I have been correct and have felt it was a waste of time to cross check. After noticing this habituation, consciously I am trying not to give it in to this tendency. But my hands without even realising goes to type the word to search. Then I remember, I shouldn’t type it to search in order to get rid of this sick habituation.

Now I am in stage of withdrawing from search. This is only a little progress. I am hoping to train my brain not to repeat this habit sooner.

12 responses to “HABITUATION RED FLAGS #1”

  1. Antony Jerline Avatar
    Antony Jerline

    So thoughtful..

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  2. These days I don’t feel comfortable posting any content that hasn’t been running through sites like Grammarly although I know these sites aren’t always 100% correct. Even when I know what I typed is correct.
    It’s really a struggle avoiding it as it now feels weird if I don’t do it

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    1. Ya it’s just the urge to proof check right away, that’s where digital habituation leads us to. When I have written and couldn’t check, it causes anxiety and that made me realise. It’s tough to unlearn but no choice. It’s for our own good. These days what I do is I write or type and simply post directly. Then when I read later or even after days, I correct or change if I feel necessary. Or after posting I ask my friend to proof read once. That’s how I am trying to avoid grammar checking the whole content online. You can also give it a try to know if it works for you.

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      1. I will definitely try out these suggestions and let you know how it goes. It’s sad how these digital habituation creeps in slowly and before you know it, it’s almost a compulsive behaviour.

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        1. Absolutely. I have noticed other habits too. But this I felt very destructive to my thinking process, writing and confidence. I must figure out a way for other issues and find those I haven’t perceived yet consciously.

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          1. I would love to read more about these habits that are also in my blind spot so I can work on them.

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          2. Sure.. it will be on my future blogs. I am glad that you are open minded to know and break those habits.

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  3. As a software engineer, I would like to give my 2 cents. Smartest mind on the planet are working to make us form this habit. And the world is moving in that direction. We cannot avoid AI totally but we should learn to use it as a personal assistant. We left handwriting to typewriters and maths to calculators. AI can now create quality content within seconds. Next decade is going to be transformative.

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    1. I don’t think smartest minds are working to addict us. They are only working towards growth and development. It’s us who should be regulating the usage and not letting the device or technology or development to rule us. You are right it’s all transforming but it’s the silver lining I don’t glorify.

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  4. Piriya Ram prabhu J Avatar
    Piriya Ram prabhu J

    Writing…..on a paper is absolutely different from writing on a Digital medium. Auto correction and word assistant have become very common in the Digital mode of writing.
    The ones who toggle inbetween these two modes of writing will face this issue very commonly…..
    This is just like taking the phone to see the time ….even when you have a wrist watch on you and a clock on the wall, the same goes to the Calendar too…

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    1. Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more with you…I never thought of this.. seeing time on mobile instead of clock… true .. we just rely on mobile more than the required intents..


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