The word peer dates back to 14th century. The root word is of Latin origin. But I know it only in two ways for the past few years. One as in the context of research peer review and the other as societal standards.

Peer groups are people of equal age or same circle or community. Peer groups are meant to have a positive effect on one another.

But the reality is far from it. That doesn’t mean I completely deny its pros, but the cons are higher comparatively.

Let me explain why I have this perception.

I became aware of the word peer, when someone talked about peer pressure in corporate world to me during a conversation. Peer pressure back then I understood was the stress one person gets over seeing another person’s life. Like, if someone’s colleague buys a house or a car or a bike, that person also has to buy to keep up his or her status among their peers. So I thought this peer pressure existed only among the adults.

Later I understood, even classmates are peers. Comparison of scores, class records, submissions with one another also creates a tension within someone without even realising. It took me years to realise peer pressure exists as soon as one is born. It might sound weird to you. But think for yourself. When a child is born, it starts how the child is born. Then the mom is criticised by comparing her with other moms who are or were in her state. Then the baby, is the baby rolling, crawling, walking, talking? That baby was quick. This baby took months. Peer pressure is again among the adults who create all these themselves only to spoil others peace of mind or out of negativity.

Once the baby goes to school, score and performances are compared with his classmates and friends.

Those were in the idea of pushing their kids to perform well. At least, I can let go of that considering the good intention.

But the present is horrible and scary to me. You know why… The peer pressure the youngsters create themselves these days are troubling me.

“New peer in students or youngsters is gadgets and social media status”

Seriously, I wish they compare their academic records or knowledge on something useful rather than the gadgets and the followers in social media. Pathetic to look at them saying that so and so has the recent phone and so it must be bought. Also adding, that others have social media accounts (only to waste their time in) keeping status or chatting, and so it must be done by them also. They are not realising that they shouldn’t be wasting time, money and energy, just because somebody else enjoyed doing it.

This mindset or thoughts is nowhere progressive.

Not everyone is wasting time. Right now someone is using social media to promote their business, for education, for gaining followers to earn money and so on. But the kids are failing to see it and make sure not to waste their valuable time.

It’s high time, we adults are supposed to live as better models of investing our time efficiently, so that our kids see us and learn to balance their social media life and time wisely.

Has the same been your concern too? You can also share your worries or concerns about the mobile and the social media impacts in the comment section.

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