Speaking of proverbs (or a saying or a dialogue), in Tamil language we have a very common and the most versatile one.

நாலு பேர் நாலு விதமா பேசுவாங்க (Naalu peru naalu vidhama pesuvanga)

The literal translation is four people will speak in four different ways. The actual meaning or the context of this saying is that people will criticise. The usage is terribly not on a positive note.





I don’t know about other cultures or language’s inherited knowledge on this. But I know negative thoughts and vibes or people are also present in this world. And then there are people who are constantly bothered or concerned about other people’s comments or thoughts or criticism. Then there are people pleasers too. When I want to live for myself, I have ways to assure myself. I don’t bother what others think of my actions and here’s how I keep myself going.

You might have seen already similar images asking for your answer to the question how do you see this?

Based on the answers, people are generally categorised as optimist, pessimist, realist and so on. But I am not asking your answer to categorise you.

Possible answers I could think of are –

  • Glass is half filled with water.
  • Glass is half empty.
  • Half of the glass water is spilled.
  • Half of the glass of water is drunk and the remaining is left out.

Some might go with even more possible imaginary answers. There’s another set of humans too. If you say half filled glass, they say half empty and vice-versa. What do they gain? Nothing. In Tamil, we say வேண்டா விவாதம் (Venda vivadham). Some people don’t have inner peace and argue over nothing and try to leave you in chaos for groundless reasons. What is gained? Nothing? Then why does it have to matter to us? Even if it matters, is it even beneficial to make other people agree on what you imagine is the only right thing? They might have one or more imaginary ideas. That’s what they will believe and will say it loud. Will you accept what they say is the only right thing, when you have a different opinion of your own. We can’t go to n number of persons to agree on our answer/answers.

What’s the point of – constantly worrying about others, being a people pleaser or being fake? How long will it serve?

Let other people say what they think. That’s none of our concern when it isn’t benefiting our growth. Let’s not waste our time convincing people or worrying about them and their choices. It’s our life. It is my life. No one is living in my or your shoes. There’s no need to waste life pondering about those four or more people with different opinions.

Differences of opinion will exist as far as the human brain and its endless imagination and possibilities of thinking exist. அந்த நாலு பேர் நாலு விதமா பேசிட்டு போகட்டும். Let those four say four different things. Just don’t let it in your heart.

If you also have your own way of ensuring something to you, kindly share your thoughts in the comments. Let us help one another to eliminate energy drainers and to focus on the brighter side.

4 responses to “QUOTE SERIES #2”

  1. 4 gets multiplied into its powers and will spread their opinion to every corner so only we also know “ஊர் வாய் மூட முடியுமா”

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. Well said.


  2. Let the dogs barks, மிதித்து ஏறு……

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