WRITER’S BLOCK – Common or Normal?

On reading the books I enjoy, I have been astonished about the author’s writing skill. Be it novels or any type of books, I wonder what a brain the author has and how they managed to compose it all in an excellent way.

Like any other person, I didn’t realize they also go through many struggles until I started writing.

The first and foremost only issue I have realized so far is the writer’s block.

I have no clue how others experience this. I am sharing mine. I have the tendency of brainstorming for ideas or new thoughts when I am out of topic or question. Substantially, my brain tells me what to write and I get it done. To the maximum I try to write it down in my notebook or tab. When I don’t have access immediately, I will try to remember everything till I reach my notebook.

For the past two days, I have noticed it has changed. I couldn’t express my thoughts in words. I was wondering if it was a brain fog. Am I forgetful? Is my memory in bad shape already? Am I unmindful of my thoughts? Too many questions.

Finally, I planned to seek help by sharing all my concerns and questions with a friend of mine. The result was advantageous. My friend ended all my wailing with a two word answer.

Writer’s block

“Writer’s block is common. Happens. Just give yourself a reset,”

my friend added

Now that I am aware I will be able to continue my previous work at some point I am at peace.

What bothers me now is “Writer’s block could be common, but is it normal to go through it?” Have you ever experienced it? Express your views, thoughts on writer’s block in the comment section.

2 responses to “WRITER’S BLOCK – Common or Normal?”

  1. Writer’s block is very common my friend.
    I go through this often.
    I try to avoid this by actively taking part in photography challenges in WordPress.
    Interesting read and thought provoking.
    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I will try if such challenges work for me too.


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