Does the word humour mean entertaining others?

Does it really entertain all?

I have a bunch more questions too.

There are many different kinds of people who are also very different from one another. This very kind itself gives the contrast of the people around us. But I am right now concerned about only two categories. People who say they are very humouros and the other called humourless or serious kind. There might be a variety of humour too. People use it everyday. Some are professionals too. Huge respect for them as they use their very brain to come up with brilliant jokes to entertain fellow humans. Entertaining others resulting in laughing and leaving them stress free is a social accomplishment, I would say. It has benefits.

Positive humours bring positive vibes, healthier energy and life.

But life isn’t all about only the positive. Life is all about conflicts and contradictions right.

Not all people, some falling under the category of humouros people, do believe they have humour skills and proactively think of the other group of people as serious ones (who doesn’t either enjoy the ruthless joke or who clearly defines their boundary to express the disinterest). I am here writing this to those former category of people.

Don’t ever think only you have all the humour senses and the rest are completely devoid of it. It is not. It’s just you guys going overboard and the other doesn’t encourage you on it. You know what, there’s a very very delicate fine separation from humour and hurt. Making sarcastic jokes aren’t gonna make you that cool personality you wanna portray. You simply lack empathy towards your fellow humans if your jokes are taunting. Although it sounds very negative, it’s an unspoken voice most people have. You know what emotionally affects a person and you play a joke on it.

Do you think you are doing it for laughs?

1.If so, you better learn it would hurt the other person’s feelings and stop doing it.

2.If not, I am damn sure you are the sick one doing it intentionally. May be cause of underlying sadist syndrome.



Question yourself.. “Why do I say joke? What’s the point I am joking?”

It can be silly. That’s not a problem as long as it isn’t hurting another person’s feelings and mental health.

Rethink before you play with one person’s emotion to make someone or yourself laugh at them. I believe everybody has a good soul. Nobody wants to be a sadist, or be the bad guy. Be aware of yourself that your interests, sayings and actions aren’t turning out to be a sadist instead of a good comedian.

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