Hey I am Antony Jenita, a registered architect from India. I am hugely fond of reading and writing. Basically I am inclined in sharing my knowledge to every person I come across. I love to imprint people with my positivity, especially my students. Being an academician, I have always explored various pedagogy in teaching Architecture. I know what drives students’ mindfulness in and out. My utmost desire has always been in making learning as interesting and enjoyable as game play. Also I have been keen in delivering well informed data, which fascinates me the more I love diving into books and more research. Now that I have paused my Academician part for a while, I am absorbed in practising Architecture and improving my writing skills. This blogging journey succours me to polish up myself as a person as well as a professional; most importantly to improve my skill sets. I have not limited my area of interest. So I am positive you will find something of your liking. Explore my website for fascinating contents about Architecture as well as my school of thoughts and learnings. Hope my writings will ease your learning/reading appetite.