A continuation of Architecture Games Part 1 . . . .

1. Project Hospital

Project hospital was released in 2018 and is available in 19 languages. I would suggest this game for two sectors – Hospital Management and Architects. One who only wants to focus on simulation of hospitals, the game can be begun with prebuilt scenarios provided in the game itself. On the other hand, Sandbox mode helps the creator to build the hospital from scratch. The game helps one to educate about the hospital infrastructure and doctor patient and service inflows. The highlight of this game is its even updated to the recent pandemic scenario. Hospital building and management needs strategies and time. Currently, I don’t have the latter for this. But this is on my list to play next.

2. Project Highrise

This skyscraper management simulation game was released in 2016. It comes with five city towers. You can purchase separately or all five in a bundle. The entire gaming comes in sectional elevation of the high rise towers. People who love micromanaging and details would be addicted to this game. The rest I am doubtful. With the provided cash flow, one has to build units on each floor and take care of the tenants’ needs and satisfaction. Rather than seeing a high rise or a skyscraper as a single entity, this will make you reimage it as a mini socio-urban life. If you have played SimTower in the 1990s, you will definitely like an improvised version which is Project Highrise though both the games are from different developers.

3. Block’hood

Neighborhood building simulation game released in 2017. Multiple levels can be created for building a neighbourhood ecosystem in 3 player modes. Understanding of resources required and produced from a block and building interdependent blocks help in creating your block’hood. If that is not planned properly, will lead to decay. Just like in real life, abandoned areas cause issues, it spreads here too. Beware of building a prosperous neighbourhood only. It can also be related to Highrise in 3 dimensional play. Being a resource management game, I guess sustainable people will be more interested to try this game.

The next three games are on a slightly different scale and concept which is for the space lovers and those who fascinate alien factions.

4. Anno 2205

Strategic Earth building and exploring spaces and the moon only to secure Earth’s people and resources are the game ideas you focus on in Anno. As a prequel to Anno 2070 of 2011. Anno 2205 was launched in 2015. Graphics and visuals are much improved comparatively. Animations on the moon and metropolises on the Earth with futuristic assets like flying cars might amuse the players.

5. Project Aura

Micromanaging game launched in 2018. Sci-Fi builders, this game is truly meant for you. The game is about building a survival habitat for the survivors of a climate disaster. Just like the movie bubble, the new habitat is under a protective dome. From scratch, the survival spaceship is built. Just like the factions in the novel Divergent, corporations are designed in Project Aura. Resource management is crucial. I am sure you won’t regret the backstory and game logic.

6. Imagine Earth

Imagine Earth is available since 2021. You not only imagine Earth here, but also colonise other planets and space. Given a storyline of scenarios, lead the game to build and manage planets. In addition to the usual game challenges, special ones are disasters like aliens, robotic invasions. Enjoy the radioactive contamination, tornadoes and growing deserts or tackle them by your simulation.

FYI – Check your system requirements before purchasing the games. You can check for available demo play too.

Now don’t forget to tell me about your gameplays, favourites and playing experiences in the comments below.

2 responses to “ARCHITECTURE GAMES – PART 2”

  1. Piriya Ram prabhu J Avatar
    Piriya Ram prabhu J

    Fascinating….The system requirement was the Pinnacle of your Article.. Bravo

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    1. Yeah.. high performing systems provide an excellent experience..


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