MODERN homage to Vernacular Architecture

Modernism and Contemporary Architecture has taken up the major percentage of built environment leaving behind our vernacular architecture and life.

Even though it can’t be justified, advanced technology, increased demands, available sources and utopian approaches require contemporary solutions. Whereas, vernacular architecture is laborious currently due to challenges like availability of skilled labor, patience to build from scratch.

The least part of including vernacular elements or aspects to remind or impart an essence of the locality could be just irrespective of the functionality.

Blue souk in Sharjah

I have noticed this wind catcher-like structure in Souk, Hotels, resorts in Sharjah and Ajman. I was only able to click this picture recently. It might not serve the same purpose as before. Still, it serves a purpose according to me. The function has changed from climatic concern to an architectural artifact.

In the name of unique elevation and view, a lot of unfunctional dope are used. Instead, such vernacular elements could be appreciated as an artifact in our modern buildings and cities.

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