Recent viral news have my attention now and so yours now.

The first ever women only housing designed by GRID Architects is approved by planners in Ealing, London.

GRID Architects, UK

Don’t panic on hearing women only. Of course, men can live in the housing units under two criteria – being the tenant’s partner or tenant’s child. A man can possibly inherit tenancy after his mother with her tenancy.

You might wonder what on earth is happening? Why are such proposals are approved?

WPH was found in 1920 as a cause of suffragette movement which fought for the rights of women. WPH began providing house for the single and professional women after the First World War.

Obviously, the proposal is out of a notion and intent. The landlord for the proposed housing property is Women’s Pioneering Housing (WPH).

With 102 years of service for the community, WPH reaches another controversial milestone, approval to build and accommodate only women in 102 rent flats. The earlier building with 39 flats is meeting its end years and so the new proposal with 102 flats is visualized on the existing site.

The tenants in existing 39 flats will move to the new building and additional units will be offered to single women in the waiting list of social housing in Ealing, London.

The highlights are providing an affordable safe place to women facing inequities, abuse and discrimination. With increased inequality and inequity towards women, demand is growing for similar women social housing units. But how could this affect or create an imbalance in the community and further influence people mindsets is debatable. I agree abused or victimized women need a safe place. At the same time, can it trigger other women to gain confidence to walk out and reach such safer place alone for no cause? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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