We, in fact, are discoverers. – Glen Murcutt

It’s true we are discoverers. If not, we would have never known the geographical physical locations of different places on the Earth. We are also discoverers in other aspects apart from geography.

We learn to discover. We plan to create.

I agree that it takes its own time. But when a client and an architect are involved, I wonder if someone can wait for years for a project completion. You might say, skyscrapers and the current Line project obviously take years for completion. Agreed.

Will you wait those years for a residence?

You know your answer.

Here is mine – I wouldn’t.

I must say, the architect Glen Murcutt was blessed to have a client who has trusted and waited on him for years to live in their house. Simpson Lee’s house was designed and executed from 1988 to 1993. This house stands for Murcutt’s philosophy of minimalism and simplicity.

He learnt the climatic concerns and contextual challenges and designed accordingly. Australian houses are prone to bush fire. You might have heard or seen in news or in real too. In order to face such situation, Murcutt has provided two special barrels to store natural rain water which will be used for fire extinguishing process.

I hope you also found it interesting as me. Stay tuned for more interesting architecture contents in a minute read.

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