Sam is currently hosting WWW Wednesday from Taking On A World of Words.

The Three Ws are:

  1. What are you currently reading?
  2. What did you recently finish reading?
  3. What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently reading:

1. The monk who sold his Ferrari – I am reading this at last after it has been on mind for ages. I like few ideas of practicing mind to improve life. I am implementing opposition thinking trait from this book and trying to be aware of my thoughts. However, I have some critical reviews on half way. I haven’t completed it last week too. Hoping to finish it this week.

2. Raja Perigai is a historical fiction by the author Sandilyan. Some believes Arcot was the first one captured by British. But the author says, “British started capturing even before Arcot and our internal conflicts were the major cause that favoured the foreigners”. I have just begun reading this. I will update more about the book once I complete.

Finished reading:

1. Parthiban kanavu is a historical fiction by the author Kalki. This book is about how the King Parthibendra Cholan dreams of bring back the glory of Chola dynasty as it was during Karikalan Cholan and how his dream becomes a reality starting from his son Vikraman Cholan. Interesting fact in the plot is the Pallava king itself promises and keeps his word to make Vikraman a King.

2. The Wedding Tamasha – Even though the book is a typical Bollywood love story with a happy ending, I enjoyed reading the entire story. This isn’t a new drama with big twists. The author has made it simple and straightforward yet entertaining. If it wasn’t the expected happy ending, it wouldn’t have been better too.

Next on read list:

1. Win your inner battles– I have felt that this author, Darius is genuine and I like his straight forward writing style. So here is another one productivity book by him. Let me see what will be a new take away for me.

2. Dopamine Detox– Detox has become a modern necessity. Especially, when we want to binge and Netflix all day and not to indulge in actual work which might not excite us like food or movie. I have been looking for this book for a while. Finally it’s available for my prime reading in Kindle. I am too curious to know what’s inside this book. I think I will finish this sooner than I imagine.

Follow up for future updates…

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