Celebrity architects who have and execute Avant garde ideas. Architects who design iconic structures, stand out from the rest.

Architects who make prominent buildings are called Starchitects. This doesn’t mean that other architects aren’t making promising influencing structures. Starchitects just design and build almost impossible crazy structures. The function, cost, contextualisation, complexity and time investment and so on can be debated.

Starchitects are subjected to the most criticism in their timeline and accolades during and/or after their time on Earth. But the spark or inspiration they implant on others is priceless.

Though the word Starchitects is from 21st century, there is a list of starchitects from all centuries not only in the contemporary world. I am positive most people know a few on the list especially the most famous Corbusier, Frank Gehry, F L Wright, Mies Van der Rohe, Tadao Ando. Contemporary Starchitects are Bjarke Ingels, Santiago Calatrava, Rem Koolhas, Zaha Hadid and so on in the present.

Celebrities might fade away but Celebrity (St)Architects and their Architecture speaks its volume and story.

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