Food attracts people who attracts more people. – Whyte

Foodies currently travel behind new varieties and tastiest food and invite others also to try. The concept sounds simple. In fact, it’s more complex than we think. Food bloggers take friends or family with them. They spread the word either for commission or for passion. This in turn brings in more people to the particular spot. This is happening on hype in this century. But the idea already exists.

The one who observed and realised this dynamism in a public space is William H. Whyte. While working in the New York Public city commission in 1969, William Whyte wanted to find how the designed new spaces in cities are being utilised. In order to research, he observed physically and recorded all activities in a time lapse video. His observations and the entire research is in his book, “The social life of small urban spaces”.

He has observed that people vote a public space with their feet. Yes, people approach the places which they find attractive, comfortable and secure.

Instead of designing space and letting people use, what the public needs should be learnt first and to be designed accordingly for a lively public space in a city. This is Whyte’s bottom up approach to design public spaces. Take away from his observation is simply to learn




and even a small space can largely impact the quality of life on streets.


I couldn’t agree more with William Whyte. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.

2 responses to “QUOTE SERIES #6”

  1. Piriya Ram prabhu J Avatar
    Piriya Ram prabhu J

    Michelin 🌟 . . . Check this out…..very interesting

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    1. Michelin stars for chefs and restaurants.. I have read about it..their case is also similar to celebrities…


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