My buildings should have an emotional core – a space which, in itself, has an emotional nice feeling.

Peter Zumthor

This very quote itself speaks to us the focus on the space and how it is to be felt or experienced. I simply adore the man, Peter Zumthor who says this.

The man as a cabinet maker and architect with a Pritzker prize, exhibits a sensible touch towards architecture.  His thinking process is mind blowing. He sees Architecture as a whole, not as a building or an interior or a landscape. He sees it as a whole and brings all senses together and binds the users and visitors to the space. His emphasis is never on forms, it’s always on the space.

When he himself is an inspiring person, he has his inspiration from Heidegger’s philosophy of Phenomenology. This is what roots him to his ideologies and makes his Architecture sensible. He believes in making memories and experiencing the space very lively. This sensibility is even achieved with utmost craziness by him. Brother Klaus Field Chapel in Germany was designed by him in 2007. Would you ever burn your creativity or the structure you built? I wouldn’t. But he has rather burnt its interiors with wood to leave charred walls and hollowed blackened cavity which is the functional space of the chapel.

The interior conical structure is obtained by 112 tree trunks and the exterior is of 24 layers of thick concrete. Those 112 woods were the ones set to fire.

Chapel has another interesting feature. No electric or plumbing lines can be seen. The only means of lighting is through the triangular door and the open sky top of the conical walls. Breaking the monotony and provoking one’s senses to remember the space is his uniqueness.

Only very few people imagine and do things beyond their imaginations. Zumthor is one of those rarest gems.

I can go on and on about him and his ideologies. Would you like to hear more?? Are you also fascinated by him like me? Whatever comes to your mind, share it right away in the comments section below.

2 responses to “QUOTE SERIES #5”

  1. Piriya Ram prabhu J Avatar
    Piriya Ram prabhu J

    Emotion is the root of life ….The difference between a human being and all other living beings in the world around us is a single sense.
    Emotion is a state of mind. Non living things get attached to us with a emotional bond. This bonding is at times very strong because of the emotions related to that moment and to that object. Space …the same space can give you various emotions depending on your state of mind.
    The space inside a Igloo will have an emotional value for the inhabitants, this is absolutely different and amazing from that when they are outside it.
    Inspiration is what we get from these great minds and their works…
    Get inspired and start to look deep inside you and relate to the world and it’s simple things.
    Each time I see a big and magnificent spaces and structure I used to get fascinated …..But nowadays I get fascinated just looking at the space of a street vendor, how beautifully he has his space defined…. These things are what we have to learn from the inspiring words and works of great minds…..
    Hope my words are my emotions too…

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    1. Totally… human emotions are based on the state of mind..
      Thanks for the guidance sir.. will definitely work on it..
      Coming to street vendors, I have also wondered and felt the need to learn from them.. Time management, customer service, satisfaction, timely attention/response.. space I haven’t noticed enough as my focus has been on their business..
      Glad to read your emotions here..


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