As an architect, have you ever wondered why people hire an architect….?

I have enough frustration to question the same multiple times.

As a client, have you trusted your architect to the right?

I am not hallucinating. I am writing about a real life issue. The struggle is real. The never ending expectations and lists from the client clashing with the Architect’s vision for the project. The struggle is tiresome. Also, I am not the only Architect going through this. Every practising architect undergoes and survives this tussle. Even the most famous architects in history have not been excused. Frank Gehry is the proof. I think that’s why he came up with this quote.

I don’t know why people hire architects and then tell them what to do.

Frank Gehry

The architect doesn’t mean that client shouldn’t say anything. The basic requirements, essentials and their add ons or additional features if falls within budget are to be clearly defined for better outcome. Easily some clients cross the line from the requirements. I don’t blame the clients. I totally understand their overwhelming joy to see their dream built. For some reason, the client decides to approach an architect. So why not trust the architect?

Do we ever go to a doctor and keep doubting or questioning? Unless and until we trust the procedure and take up the prescribed medication, we can’t get better.

Think for yourself. All I ask the clients is

Trust your architect.

Gentle reminder to architects like me

Acknowledge the clients’ need and help them trust

As an architect or as a client, have you ever been caught up in such tussle? If so, share with me your good or bad experiences in the comments.

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