Architecture can be defined in different terms. Architecture perspective is solely based on the individual’s perception and ideology.

One of the best versions, I have cherished is True Architecture is Life.

My terms of Architecture is of context. My idol for the very same idea is the most veteran Architect B V Doshi.

His entire philosophy is encapsulated in four.

True Architecture is Life

Architecture can shape our life. But Architecture should be meant for our life. Never the other way around. Just because the door handle is on the left side, a person can’t switch to be a left handed person. We humans are very poor when it comes to habituation as far as I know. Habituation for certain behavioural changes in public life could be mandatory. But I feel habituation in our habitat is an unnecessary compromise. Say, if you are right handed, door handles or switches in your house should be accessible on your right side and not the opposite.

Among the Architects who contributed more to the Indian context, none of us can forget this Legend man. His every aspect of design has always focused on the life of our Indians, our culture, our context, our family structure. He might have gone but his creations and impact is living and will continue to live with us.

Do you also feel the loss like me? May his soul rest in peace and in our remembrance always. Let us remember him by sharing how he inspired you or your take away from him in the comments.

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