For any discipline of higher studies, students pursue a stereotypical aspect in general. Some might plan to switch fields in later stages. Only a very few are clear of what they want to pursue as a career for the rest of their life. In this post, I will share some fascinating career scopes for you.

#1 Practising Architect

The first and foremost career that comes to anyone’s mind when they hear the Architecture field is practicing. You can work under different firms or even run your own business with you as Principal Architect. When you work under a firm, you join as trainee or intern, later with experience you will be entitled as Junior Architect, Senior Architect, Project Architect, Site Architect with respective services and responsibilities.

#2 Teaching

After your post graduation or doctorate, with your gained experience, you can start sharing your knowledge and experience to the young budding architects. Since your early days, if you realize your thirst in educating others and being passionate about learning and sharing, teaching is yours. You start teaching architecture as a lecturer or a teaching assistant, then with years you become Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor. Teaching and practising can also go hand in hand when you are keen on spreading your thoughts on architecture.

#3 Designer

After graduation, if you feel like you are no longer interested in the construction industry, don’t worry your degree won’t be a waste of time and money. Designer entity has numerous opportunities. You get to explore and exercise the design fundamentals required for designing in your Architecture course also. So you could become a Graphic designer, Product designer or a Fashion designer. Now with the boon in digitalisation, you could also be a UI : UX designer, to build a website, an app or design logos. Game designers are in demand too.

#4 Animator

While doing Architecture course or even before it, if you are inclined to animation, you should pursue your instinct. Both manual and digital animation has its own demand. Not only cartoons, movies, flip books, game or movie characters, there’s more to it. Animators work along with directors and graphic designers to bring the story or game or the event or activity to animate life.

#5 Artist

Not only a fine art student becomes an artist, but also an Architect. If sculpting, crafting or sketching is your thing, an artist you are. And who knows you might also hold up the potential to be an entrepreneur. You could start your own business by exhibiting, marketing and selling your own artworks. Art directors are also indeed for every movie or cartoon or games.

#6 Content creator

I have saved the recent hype for the last. Content creation, term is trending online. Even though this department existed before, it wasn’t labelled so with the present popularity and appreciation. Researching, designing and writing by analysing the marketing strategies or the readers’ need gives you the opportunity. Content creators have different tags as architecture critic or marketer or writer or journalist or narrator, based on the specific attributes. Content creators and artists and designers do co-work or one can do more than one if the job scale and opportunity is favourable.

Be it any career, always keep one thing in mind. You begin as a beginner, a learner. Then with years of experience and attained knowledge and with the right attitude and leadership qualities, you climb up the ladder of hierarchy of designations. Whatsoever, the spirit of learning and humaneness is what keeps us up the ladder. Follow up further posts for more information on each career and don’t forget to comment on the career you are pursuing or intended to pursue in future.

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