With LESS IS MORE and LESS IS BORE in the past, YES IS MORE should rule the contemporary. In the architecture race of the present and future days, we design and build sophisticated buildings utilizing every technology and advancements in tools and developments. The quality of living as a person as well as a community is left out often. The best example is the residences in high rise buildings. Only very few designs or apartments think of people to have a community space, green space,  landscape, the rest are approached as square feet or meter price to the built up area (as mere revenue).

Bjarke Ingels insists and focuses on quality of life without compromising the environment and economy. His philosophy HEDONISTIC SUSTAINABILITY is all about the former idea. Having this in mind, he says it should be a YES to society not people.

Ingels has other ideologies too. Pragmatic utopia (futurism in reality), worldcraft (allow people to transform their own environment). He is quite a man with fancy words and ideas.

In all his concepts I have observed that, Bjarke Ingels formulates an approach of reaching a middle ground in every conflicting idea. If it’s true that we see diplomatic people in daily life, then Ingels is the most diplomatic architect. He is not the person to compromise the environment over the economy or built space over people. He creates a balanced public space to the built space. He innovates an idea meeting economy by building a manmade ecosystem. Out of many examples I am bringing up here two of my favourites.

Danish pavilion of Shanghai Expo 2010 speaks of his sustainable practice. The predominant bicycling life and clean harbor water of Copenhagen is exhibited by him taking an extra mile by bringing Denmark’s water in returning (empty usually) ship containers.

Infinity Loop or 8 Tallet building stands for his YES to society. Residents of this mixed use building have access to their floor and roof as if they are living on the ground floor and incorporating sunlight to every unit.

Every project is more of an interesting story. Perhaps you could know more about how each project is approached and how the conflicts or challenges are met with design innovation in his book YES IS MORE. If you are a movie person, you can watch his documentary movie BIG TIME.

I found his design process and spirit inspiring to me. You could also share the quotes or architects or persons inspiring you in the comments.

13 responses to “QUOTE SERIES #1”

  1. Both beauty and environment take a backseat in the block architecture of current times, and the works you showcase are a breath of fresh air. The term ‘Hedonistic Sustainability’ perfectly describes them.

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    1. Ya there are architects concerned about people and environment too. Hope you will like my future posts too when more works are mentioned.

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      1. We definitely need more projects from these architects! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your posts.

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        1. Thank you.. Will keep you posted

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  2. Very nice… can you share more info like this

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    1. Thank you.. of course, will do if it is of interest to my readers.


  3. Never knew so much goes into a well planned system.
    Interesting read.

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    1. Glad to know it was a good read for you. Stay tuned for more interesting stuff.


  4. Keeping my mind relax… Learning everytime when am reading yours… Tq for posting those cute little little information

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    1. Delightful it is to know my post is of fruitful to you.


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