I am a bibliophile, naturally inclined to books, reading and writing. There are too many good books and my favourites too. Are you also book person? Here is my personal recommendation of 5 architecture books to read first.

History is an interesting subject who doesn’t like it. Our past stories and evolution. Are you wondering if it’s really interesting and stories related to architecture? Of course, this book tells you the style and story of highrise built structures from the ancient cave dwelling days using technical drawings and writeups. The entire architecture fraternity on Earth is indebted to Banisters, I would say. Both father and son as an architect have contributed enormously to the architecture family through this book. Still, you might not like the size and weight of the book.

Once Architecture flourished and cities bloomed with new rigid concrete blocks leaving behind values of context and inheritance of the place identity. That’s when urban designers as reformers came to the rescue. But this author, being an activist, strongly proclaimed how the city should be for the people. Only a commoner could relate themselves more to their habitat (city public & semi-public spaces). Jane Jacobs’ foresight and visions will help you to get to the grounds of realism which will turn out to be our potential strength.

God’s in the details.. I believe it. Ching made me see it. Every picture you see has a beginning point, a design element, the most basic. The fundamentals of design and designing are well formulated. The organic bits of rudimentary design form is well explained with graphics. This is more of a fundamental dictionary for designing. You will need it for your lifetime.

The best-ever known comic version of architectural works in a book. One of the youngest architects Bjarke Ingels, notable for his utopian pragmatism says YES IS MORE. You will know why when you see the backstory of every project from start to end. I am sure many of you will get inspired by his design approach and process.

If you find the word and the activity DOODLE attractive, this book is surely for you. Architects or not from an architecture background whoever loves to sketch, colour and do activities relevant to architecture stuff should try this book.

Books to read suggestions are most welcome. Let me know if you would like to read any of my book reviews in elaborate and don’t forget to post about your favourite books (even if the list goes longer, I won’t mind) in the comments.

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