What’s this? 

(For starters)

Is it only constructing buildings???

Definitely not just that…

Some might wonder what else it could be!!! This post is a little gist for them to know Architecture is more than that.

For Monuments?


Is it to build retractables

Is it to design lighting systems! products! Influence fashion?

I would say it comprises of all. If so, is there any specific definition for it? (I have questioned many times)

Every first-year student of architecture is asked to give a definition themselves to know their level of understanding. But can it be defined in words?

Do you think it has just one definition like any other word in the dictionary? I am afraid not.

Architecture can be outlined as

Art & design

Art and technique of designing

Science + Design

experimentation with creativity


of design,  technology and experience.

Building up

Building up a building or furniture or software or gadgets

What exactly is that? Anything & everything that’s man-made. It might surprise you. But think for yourself, every new creation or work by man depicting his creativity is the design itself. The humans who design or create or construct buildings, spaces, software, products, games or gadgets are the architects. So now you know these, just be clear that there’s more than building a building. If you are not just into buildings, find what you are into. Designing graphics, a new application or software, jewellery, furniture, patterns, tools… there are endless options. You have a huge platform to employ all your potential and creativity.




With all your senses experience what architecture is to you.

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